My Pet Bed business, THROW YOUR DOG A BONE, started with the idea of my 2 rescued dogs who preferred to sleep on my bed and couch.

We shared everything together. Our shabby couch, our bed and our living space. Every 4 months I was throwing more money away with the purchase of another medium pet bed that wouldn't keep its shape, fell apart and emitted a less than pleasant aroma.

Starting my company with these things in mind, I decided to give my pets, my best friends, my buddies the same comfort I like while I sleep. Giving them something cozy they can curl on that smells great too!

I know some of you can relate when I say my pets are no spring beds are made for any age pet. Be it 12 weeks old to over 12 years old. Any pet deserves the same comfort to rest, especially those pets that are older or injured with a long recovery ahead.

My luxurious Pet Beds, Crate Pads, Bone Sachets and Faux Fur Pads are all MADE IN THE USA. Products are hand designed! You may want to trade your bed in for theirs!

I created these products so your pets can enjoy the same quality and luxury that mine do. ENJOY!

Nancy La Scala